Our Management & Team

Our Management

The production & quality are controlled by senior Mechanical Engineers having experience more than 15 years.

We have sophisticated standard rooms having Profile Projector, Microscope, Gauge & Comparators, Bore Dial Gauges etc. All the master, Slip Gauges, Dial Gauges etc are calibrated periodically. We are carring out stage inpection of all the operations for all the components.

High Priority given to Customer’s Feedback with competitive pricing

Professional Working Environment

Our Team

In any company, staff / employees play vital role in the progress of company.

The successful operation of the system relies upon the cooperation and involvement of personnel at all levels

employees are fully geared and trained to focus on continuous improvement in their respective job functions

We are having latest sophisticated production machinery which includes the German make WMF machines. Our plant is also supported by an efficient Tool room.